A fork of GLava as it's been abandoned by it's maintainer
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A fork of GLava made for the modern user

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Glava by Jarcode-FOSS Github

Compilation Instructions in the Wiki

Why did you fork GLava?

Well, simply put, GLava has been abandoned by it's maintainer. It hasn't received any updates since 2021, and doesn't even compile in it's current state.

Well, what's different?

For right now, the only difference is that the program now compiles and works properly (tested on Arch Linux) now.

However, going forward, we will be taking over maintanence and updating of the GLava program. The first feature we plan to add is an easier way to make visualizers. Currently the system requires the user to build scripts and organize everything basically by themselves. We plan to make this easier for the user.

How long will we need to wait for new features?

That one depends, on a lot. PixelRidge Softworks is a single man operation. Every program we produce is hand coded, hand tested, and personally maintained by Connor (VetheonGames). Given that GLava is a pretty complex program, and interacts directly with shaders and such, feature additions will happen very slowly. Not only for the lack of time with our other ongoing projects, but also that we will need to ensure that additions are very well tested, as it's written in C, we don't want to introduce any potential memory leaks.

Can we contribute?

Absolutely! If you make a PR, Connor will test it and if everything works as expected, your PR will be merged in no more than 3 business days.

Will GLava be covered under the PixelRidge-BEGPULSE?

The answer to this is an emphatic NO. GLava is under the GNU License originally, and per OpenSource standards, under the GNU license it shall remain. Only PixelRidge Softworks software that WE make will be covered under the PixelRidge-BEGPULSE.

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