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# frozen_string_literal: true
require_relative 'lib/Miniparser/version' do |spec| = 'Miniparser'
spec.version = Miniparser::VERSION
spec.authors = ['PixelRidge Softworks'] = ['']
spec.summary = 'A Gem for Validating and Minifying HTML, CSS, and JS smartly'
spec.description = 'Miniparser works pretty simply. You pass the Gem some input (HTML, JS, or CSS), and it will
validate it, return the validated status, then minify it, and return the minified version as either
a file (path) and a text return, respective to what input it got'
spec.homepage = ''
spec.license = 'PixelRidge-BEGPULSE'
spec.required_ruby_version = '>= 3.2.2'
spec.metadata['homepage_uri'] = spec.homepage
spec.metadata['source_code_uri'] = ''
spec.metadata['changelog_uri'] = ''
# Specify which files should be added to the gem when it is released.
spec.files = Dir.glob('{bin,lib,sig}/**/*') + Dir.glob('*').reject do |f|
f.start_with?('spec', '.rspec', 'Miniparser.gemspec')
spec.files << 'LICENSE'
spec.files << ''
spec.files << 'Miniparser.gemspec'
spec.require_paths = ['lib']
spec.post_install_message = 'If you find this gem useful, consider supporting its development:'