A Ruby Gem for automating your Config handling
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ConfigMan Gem

ConfigMan is a Ruby gem designed to simplify the configuration management of your Ruby applications. It provides a modular approach, allowing you to easily manage different aspects of your application's configuration such as API, Cache, Database, Email, and more. You can even extend its functionality by registering your own custom modules.

If you're new to the Gem, please refer to our Wiki not just this Readme
If you need more direct help, join our Discord

Table of Contents


To install the ConfigMan gem, run the following command:

gem install configman

Or add it to your Gemfile:

gem 'configman'

Then run bundle install.


Built-in Modules

ConfigMan comes with a variety of built-in modules to manage different aspects of your configuration. Here's a quick example:

require 'configman'

default_modules = ['API', 'Cache', 'Database', 'Email', 'FileStorage', 'Localization', 'Logging', 'YAML']

Custom Modules

You can also register your own custom modules to extend the functionality of ConfigMan. Here's how:

require 'configman'
# Register the custom module

# Then proceed with the rest of the setup as usual
default_modules = ['API', 'Cache', 'Database', 'YAML']


For more detailed information and advanced usage, please refer to our Wiki. NOTE: The Wiki is still under construction, apologies for any confusion on usage


Contributions are welcome! Fork the repository to your account on our Git server, make your changes, and submit a PR! We will review, and if we don't find any issues, we will merge the PR! NOTE: Registration is currently disabled while we update some things. We apologize for any inconvenience


This project is licensed under the PixelRidge-BEGPULSE License. See the LICENSE file for details.